Im sitting in Sherman oaks, California. Palm trees blowing in the breeze. The smell of fresh espresso beans & harsh— awakening. WAKE THE BLEEP UP!! The propaganda of the woke culture is infectious and infuriating. We are bombarded with information and Misinformation. People play the game of telephone and regurgitate the headlines but know absolutely nothing. I do not claim to know anything, in fact I am a student of the universe. I have studied spirituality for 20 years. Living the spiritual experience and learning from mistakes.I am an ARTIVIST— which is an artist who creates art with a purpose. I pride myself in research and studying my ancestors history.

Dear, Woke AF people— who just started reading instagram highlights while drinking their green juice and feel they need to stand on a soap box— please research the real history deeper. If you are not a Person of Color please don’t tell me you understand how we feel.

The people suggesting the world all of sudden went to hell and all hate crimes just began… Thats insulting. Guess what— racism is finally being recorded and blasted on social media. This does not mean it just started.


As a Mixed Black, Queer Woman in America— I am ENRAGED!!!! For 100’s of years Black Indigenous People of Color have been pillaged, slaughtered, raped & enslaved in SCAMERICA. America (The Great Scam) has been oppressing us for TOO LONG & teaching oppression, fake history in schools— designed by Systemic racism. Manipulating our black experience with Red Lining to make sure black culture is in a small box—without resources to overcome and have a high quality of education, like white people easily have.

Jim Crow laws— were a number of laws requiring racial segregation in the United States. These laws were enforced in different states between 1876 and 1965. “Jim Crow” laws provided a systematic legal basis for segregating and discriminating against African Americans. Welcome to the real history of—SCAMERICA.

There is so much to learn and its all available at our finger tips.

POLICE BRUTALITY has always been the catalyst for Civil rights UPRISING! This is an Obvious Pattern. The System is Broken and Needs to be Healed. The Prison Labor hustle… How do we cause change?! My intention is to be a Light in the darkness. A shelter in this Perfect Storm. Educate yourself. Be honest about what you don’t know. Its okay. I don’t like to tell people what to do but I have to speak my mind in these times. This is the revolution my ancestors died for. 2020 The Great Awakening.