Blu Nyle is a Reiki Healer, Intuitive, Transformation & Recovery Coach.

Blu is also a certified 200 Hr Yoga & Meditation teacher. Blu is a Powerful artist & has uniquely turned her mess into her MESSAGE. Blu is a motivational speaker & poet.

As a Highly sensitive & Empath, Blu shares 1st hand how she went from surviving to THRIVING. Blu’s teachers have taught her the spiritual way to live a happy, joyous and free life. Now Blu is sharing with the world, how to RE-WRITE YOUR LIFE & take your power back. 

Blu Nyle’s mission is to create a safe space to share, connect, inspire & be heard! Blu will be sharing deep truths, traumas, spiritual tools & how she overcame all of it. How to overcome addiction & heal from abuse. How to protect yourself from other people’s energies & move strongly through the world. How to contain your own energy & not be hijacked anymore by anyone!

Welcome to the revolution! We are here to light a torch of transformation & help ignite hearts all over the world!